What Is TaeKwonDo?

Most new students think all styles of martial arts are the same. When it comes down to the facts, a punch and kick may be the same but each style will vary in its foundation and application. This info will give you a better understanding of what you or your family will be learning.

Physical Learning:

To break it down, Tae means to strike with foot, Kwon means to strike with the hand, and Do is the use of the mind. TaeKwonDo consist of blocks and strikes designed for self-defense. The instructors do not teach students that show the desire to use the skills learned in class to bully, attack, or be aggressive towards people. TaeKwonDo is a martial art that uses fluid technique with speed and power to produce great skill. During your training, you will find that TaeKwonDo is a fun energy filled sport that will challenge the student. During the course of training, students that meet the requirements will have the opportunity to test for a new belt promotion and climb the ladder of success to black belt!

Mental Learning:

As students progress through the classes, the foundation of martial arts is instilled into the student. Through example, students learn respect, self-discipline, integrity, goal setting, patience, and perseverance. For example, we teach that a new white belt may set a short-term goal for their yellow belt and a long-term goal for black belt. As students achieve these goals, it builds confidence that goals can be reached with a little work. Students will now take these goals into their adult life and apply them to school or career goals. The building blocks of TaeKwonDo will forever live with a student as they apply them to the road of life.

The Sport:

TaeKwonDo is not only for fun but also for competition. Students may choose to compete in martial arts tournaments to win trophies and medals for their hard work. Students that posses the right drive and talent may even compete in the Olympics and go for the gold!

What Taekwondo will give you/your child:

     Self confidence
     Self defense against Bullying
     Self Esteem
Self Respect
       Physical Fitness
     Most of all - - - FUN!!

Come give us a try to see how you like it.